Residential & Commercial Inspection


ProRite® is the only home inspection company that gives FREE infrared scanning/imaging evaluation AND 90-Day Home Warranty as a full-service product to our clients. Furthermore, premium coverage includes discounted ancillary products, with carte blanche consultations long after the inspection is complete.
The Full Home Inspection combines nearly 2000-points over a range of eight major areas:  Exterior; Grounds; Roof; Structural; Plumbing; Interior; Electrical; Heating and AC.  Inspection pricing is based on 2000 square feet, and buildings larger than 5000 sf are solely market-price driven but will not be higher than 15-cents per square foot.  The buyer, with their agent should keep their Full Home Inspection confidential, to evaluate the status and comparative worth of the home.


ALWAYS USE A LICENSED INSPECTOR! – Florida requires ALL Home Inspectors be certified, and licensed by the Florida State DBPR.  Any home inspector who is NOT licensed is also not liable for errors and omissions.  Ask to see your inspector’s credentials.


State-of-the-Art thermography that was until a few years ago military confidence, is now a standard feature of our Full Home inspections.  However, we also offer energy inspections, that can save you hundreds each year on home energy costs.  This is highly recommended, especially if your home is older than 20 years, or if utility bills are questionably high.  This infrared exam will save you from future losses.


This inspection is tailored as a discounted home inspection that contains only the four major areas covered in a Four-Point inspection.  The entire home will be visited however, specific areas are not reported in detail as is with the full home inspection.   This is not the recommend inspection for the buyer expecting thoroughness, or who has grave concerns about the total condition of the property.  This is a “no frills” inspection, and does not offer the discounts for ancillary inspections, nor does it carry the benefits of carte blanche.


Like home inspections, are designed to identify Property Deficiencies using the Property Condition Assessment (PCA), other information is obtained through existing document reviews and personnel interviews, and then submit a Property Condition Report to the client.

The home inspection is a “Snapshot-In-Time”.  No truer is that adage than when preparing for the approach of nature’s fury.  ProRite® has developed state-of-the-art planning for home and business owners, to protect their assets during times of natural disaster.