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FL Lic: HI8468 | RPI: 0850


4-Point & Wind Mitigation



This inspection can be the most valuable investment you can make regarding the home buying process.  Since Hurricane Andrew devastated south Florida in 1992, insurance companies have claimed free range increasing rates in effort to justify their losses.  In 1994 the State of Florida mandated that all insurance companies doing business in Florida were required to continue writing policies considered reasonably priced and affordable.  Florida created Form OIR-B1-1802, the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection (UMVI) Form used to report the status of a home’s ability to qualify for marked discounts on annual insurance rates.


Depending on the home’s qualifications a homeowner can save between 30% and 60% on their annual insurance rates.  Some have saved as much as 80 percent.  It’s not uncommon for a “Wind Mit” inspection to reduce your annual homeowner insurance from $2100 to $800 (approximated), depending on your home’s status.  The wind mitigation inspection is involving and requires a thorough inspection of the interior roof deck and bonding structure, which is oftentimes obstructed and inhibiting.  Therefore, it can be pricy however, ProRite® offers a half-off discount carte blanche when performed with a full home inspection.


This inspection is required by most insurance underwriters on homes older than 25 years.  The inspection entails four of the eight major areas, but with less stringency as reported in the full home inspection.  Most insurers require inspectors to provide information on reporting forms specific to their individual underwriter.  Because of this, ProRite® charges a base administrative fee, with or without another inspection type.



Be prepared for hurricanes, and their damages.  Tropical storms always give notice beforehand, so ProRite® is ready with storm & hurricane home protection.  We inspect and document your property before the storm hits, then perform a secondary assessment after the storm.  Then we present your insurance company with “before and after” proof, to qualify for total reimbursement.  Moreover, this prevention inspection is valid for two years. -- So, scheduling covers you for two years.  It’s Florida!...